What is the truth about JuicyStar07?

Who is Juicy Star 07? We heard a lot about this beauty guru, youtube beauty guru or whatever they call her. She has a lot of name in this beauty world she is :
• Blair
• JuicyStar07
• OtherJuicyStar
• Blair Fowler

About JuicyStar07

There are good feedback or positive feedback and most specially negative feedback, as they hit her from head to toe of whatever they will find all the negative facts about this youtube beauty guru. There is a youtube about JuicyStar07 in details what they found negative about her.The Truth About JuicyStar07

Comments from about how she was able to get those expensive bags and where did she she was able to get it. Do we really have to care where and how she get all those stuff?

Truth About JuicyStar07

Truth About Juicy Star

Every nitty gritty things the youtube beauty guru do like in a review of a product she does, is being watch by the negative critics.

Comment about JuicyStar

As mention, from head to toe this fashion guru is being watch and even checking and finding her real name. What is important to us, is what she do to her make up tutorial. Her detractors were insisting that “Elizabeth” is her name. So what is really in a name, if people are into the limelight for sure they will create an alias for themselves that will be unique identifiers for themselves and will easily be followed by their fans or followers.

Comment about Name of JuicyStar07

For all the negative feedbacks and finding the truth about juicystar07, there are still some who really cares and concern about her. The comments in youtube below shows that there are still a lot of people who supports and appreciate her makeup tutorial.

JuicyStar07 YouTube comments

To all who wants to follow where she is youtube, blogspots , twitter, etc, below is the list:

• http://twitter.com/juicystar007
• http://www.youtube.com/juicystar07
• http://blairfowler.blogspot.com
• juicystar07@yahoo.com

JuicyStar07 Former Blogspot

Got the info from her former blogspot  (juicystar07-blair blogspot), just to let all her followers know and would be followers of beauty guru juicystar07, blair, blairfowler or whatever name you got accustom to her..