Promise Phan – Sister or Sister in Law of Michelle Phan?

There is an on-going topic about this upcoming YouTube beauty guru by the name of Promise Phan. People are asking how is she related to Michelle Phan, well she is the sister in law of Michelle Phan(married to her brother) and others are saying she is the sister of Michelle Phan.

Comment about Promise Phan

Now do we have to be concern how she is related to Michelle Phan. What is the on-going topic is how she do her make up tutorial and that she is working her way to be one of the top YouTube beauty guru.

In the guru gossip forum she receives good feedback from followers of YouTube beauty guru, just the comments below shows as proof.

About Promise Phan comment

You will also like the way she transforms to different personalities, which I think is very unique, Check her video at YouTube. Her alias at YouTube is dope2111(if you want to follow her or see the make up tutorial of different personalities she created Promise Phan YouTube videoThe reason for the dope2111 as she quotes in her YouTube info about herself.

Promise Phan about herself

As you can see from the pictures are some of the different transformation of Promise Phan.

Promise Phan as Princess Jasmine

Promise Phan as Kate Middleton

Promise Phan as Pocahontas

Promise Phan as Kim Kardashian

This sister in law will really be very competitive to Michelle Phan as she does a makeup tutorial that is really unique. She really give her best in presenting from make up to costumes. Everything is covered in her make up tutorial.

Promise Phan positive comment

Now what will be the next topic or they will find more or dig deeper about the bad side of Promise Phan or Michelle Phan.? They will compare Promise Phan to Michelle Phan about the positive and the negative sides of both. Who is the best YouTube beauty guru from these two personalities? As you can read from the various comments to the two persons.

Promise Phan negative comment

It is just now beginning and expect more gossips about this two personalities to come and I think there will more interesting topics to be divulge soon..