Michelle Phan @ Instagram

Michelle Phan at Instagram ? So what if she is using Instagram at her iPhone. Everybody else is using it but what is so special with Michelle Phan that they get to notice her in using   Instagram.  They were wondering who is the guy on the photo with her and if she has broken up with her previous boyfriend .


Now followers of  Michelle Phan, notice  she is getting more snobbish as she don’t reply from her fans messages at Instagram.  But when somebody has reacted with her not replying from messages then she replied back. She consistently replies to her followers after that incident.  You will notice that  did not end the story and there was additional issues  that was hurled to her.  She is a fake and make to believe for  her followers that her pictures are natural but all were edited  (making her look beautiful) by using  Adobe Photoshop.



Another thing they notice about Michelle Phan is her legs.  If she  lose weight and the reason for her skinny legs. In just using Instagram for her photos, the followers of Michelle Phan notice everything from her. Shape of her body, people around her, how she reply to her followers,  who she goes out on a date and more coming.


We cannot say who  this people are that makes those comments and who her  real followers are or just to make Michelle Phan look bad to the people. If Michelle Phan is using Instagram to her iPhone it’s the same to all other people. They want to save memories of wherever they go or whatever they do. To share it  with  their friends to get the latest updates . It’s the same with Michelle Phan, she took pictures just like what ordinary people do. She does it for her followers and whoever curious  what she recently been doing.  She is just only a normal person just like us. 🙂