Michelle Phan Boyfriend

Who is this guy in the video and what role does he play in Michelle Phan‘s life?

FYI, his name is Carl Choi, he’s no other than the popular YouTube make-up guru‘s new boyfriend. It was rumored that Michelle dumped her Mexican boyfriend Carlos, whom she met online and communicated for years, to be with this man. There’s not much fuss about Michelle’s break-up with Carlos and what really went wrong with the relationship. What we do know is Michelle is now involved with a new guy.

Carl, this Chinese-American guy, is 10 years older than Michelle and apparently “has money” no wonder people refer to him as the Vietnamese-American beauty guru’s sugar daddy boyfriend. He is an entrepreneur, producer, and talent manager. He graduated from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business and is currently the CEO & Co-Founder, Plan C Group, which promotes the Asian American lifestyle through various means of entertainment.

Michelle seems to be enamored with this guy, who is also a devout Christian like herself as she claims to be, and even brags about the stuff he gives her. Here’s a link to her Twitpic where she showed the goodies Carl sent her.

You can see below Carl’s responses to questions at formspring about Michelle and other topics…


Michelle with new boyfriend Carl Choi



More pictures of Carl Choi



Michelle with ex-boyfriend Carlos


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