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As announced on MTV website Elle and Blair Fowler, allthatglitters21 and juicystar07, youtube beauty gurus are now set to get their own tv show. This seems to be the reason that they have moved to LA. Do they deserve a TV Show?

Kinetic Content is the company behind the show and in an interview with deadline.com here are what the two girls had to say…



“We are two young girls from Tennessee about to embark on our dream career path,” Elle and Blair told Deadline. “We are beyond excited and couldn’t be in more safe hands than with the Kinetic development team.”

Do Elle and Blair Fowler Deserve a TV Show?

This has obviously created a huge uproar in the beauty guru community as these girls who many feel are too fake are now going to be the TV faces of all YouTube beauty gurus.

Whether you like them or not you have to be impressed with their following and how they have “succesfully” moved from YouTube sensation to penning their own reality TV deal.

Dont get me wrong I cant begin to understand what this show could possibly be about….are we going to see haul videos….follow them on their daily lives…what do you think?

Here is some of the reaction from kissndMAKEUP

Shopping Haul Girl

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  1. Addy says:

    WHAT?!?!?!? who in their right mind would give em a show??

  2. Person McPeople says:

    i think they deserve it, their both very helpful for my makeup and clothes

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