Bubzbeauty is she really a Beauty or not?

In the gossip town, people who are followers or not of Bubzbeauty or Lindy Tsang

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which are both known by her nickname is criticise of how she looks.. Various comments are thrown to her is already too much. A forum has to closed or lock the topic about it that is not proper to say those comments. As they were hitting her below the belt already even though she will not admit it, she still human to feel the pain. People who were laughing at her without the makeup and how she looks.

Bubzbeauty without make up

Others really appreciate her real beauty whoever or whatever she is.





Generally is it a requirement to be beautiful and be part of the YouTube beauty gurus? Those who are creating those comments are they really beautiful or pretty behind those avatars or pictures they post? Others have a reason why they follow Bubzbeauty as what others say.


Bubzbeauty comment

Watch her video at youtube bubzbeauty about The Perception of a Beauty about those comments that are being hurled at her. She says it all in a nice way and with coolness.

What can we say about real beauty? Is it the makeup we put or the inside beauty of a person? Well people will say that beauty is applying of makeup but others will say it’s the inside beauty of a person. Whatever people say or choose overall a real beauty is what inside the person or the attitude. Make up is just an improvement what is the exterior of a person but the person itself cannot be retouch.

Just what Bubzbeauty said, the beauty of a person is in the soul….This youtube beauty guru, makeup guru she still know what a real beauty is even without makeup, fancy clothes, accessories and shoes.
With or without makeup Bubzbeauty is still a beauty….Whatever the people say…..
Upon reading this and you find her worth following or got curious with her this are her official fan page and website. Bubzbeauty Facebook and Bubzbeauty website.

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    Yeah she’s beautiful. No doubt.

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