BubzBeauty is Engaged!

Finally after nine (9) years with her boyfriend Tim, BubzBeauty YouTube beauty guru  is engaged and getting married soon. Of course a lot of people are excited about this. But there are also who  gave comments about this engagement. They  will  even give  negative comment  about this engagement.


The  engagement was during a dinner for their  9 years anniversary with their close friends. Observers of Bubzbeauty that the engagement ring looks just one (1) ct from  Tiffany & Co. Others are reacting that  15 k to 20k ring is expensive and at  this time of our economy. It was also mention that Tim, might have got the ring for payment plan. We really cannot please everybody.

Followers of Bubzbeauty were happy about the engagement and even looking forward to her wedding day. Who will do her makeup and other preparations.  Comment were also thrown  to Tim that his only job is to work on the website of Bubzbeauty.  Every person has the right to their own privacy or whatever type of work we have. We don’t have to tell everything in the world what we do.



In short, followers of Bubzbeauty is very happy about this event in  her life. All are looking forward to their wedding day and preparations she will do.  The wedding plans are already posted in her website.  Bubzbeauty wedding plans.   In the end, no one will stop this wedding of Bubzbeauty and Tim. Even there will be a lot of negative comments about it and one thing for sure its not only the followers of Bubzbeauty who is happy but this beautiful and cute You Tube beauty guru Bubzbeauty. 🙂