Donnie Darko Costumes

Since the movie came out years ago, Donnie Darko has inspired thousands of Halloween trick or treaters to dress up as Frank the Bunny (Donnie’s imaginary bunny friend).  Frank the Bunny is an evil looking character, perfect for scaring your friends when Halloween rolls around this year.  Look no further for the highest quality Donnie Darko Costumes and be the hit at this year’s Halloween or any other dress up party.   Frank the Bunny will be an attention getters without a shadow of a doubt.


An economical way to put together a Donnie Darko style costume would involve purchasing a  Frank the Bunny Mask online an pairing it with the appropriate clothing.

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How Do Canadian Consumers Spend Their Money?

How Do Canadian Consumers Spend Their Money?

Canada Day 2011 prompted the question, how do Canadian consumers spend their money? After insurance payments, pension, charitable contributions, and gifts, the average Canadian household has $50,734 left to spend. Where does that money go?

Categories for Canadian Spending

Several general categories of Canadian spending patterns stand out. (For visual graphics of these categories, see Listed below are the categories, along with the percentage and dollar amount of total money spent: Read More


Instagram’s Success and the phenomenon of buying followers

With over 90 million monthly active users and 40 million photos uploaded every day, Instagram’s success has been little short of spectacular. Naturally, the one billion dollars that Facebook reputedly purchased for the site did little to harm its popularity, turning it into one of the fastest growing social networking sites. The Instagram concept is simple – snap a photo, share it instantly with your followers and hopefully gain a few likes. Make it on to the popular list, for instant social media stardom. Read More


Princess Leia Costume

Princess Leia is a fictional character in the Star Wars Universe. She first appeared in the Revenge of the Sith where she and Luke Skywalker were born. Princess Leia was the twin sister of Luke Skywalker. Their mother, Padme Amidala, died during childbirth and Obi-Wan and Yoda decided that they needed to hide Princess Leia and Luke from their father. Their father had turned to the dark side of the Force and had become the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Her adoptive father was the head of Alderaan’s royal family.

Star Wars Child’s Deluxe Princess Leia Costume, Medium

In the Empire Strikes Back, romance blossomed between Princess Leia and Han Solo. In later Star Wars literature she married Han Solo.

The actress Carrie Fisher played Princess Leia in A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Star Wars Holiday Special Edition. The infant Leia was played by Aidan Barton in Revenge of the Sith. Princess Leia was selected by Empire Magazine as one of the 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time in 2008.

Become the beautiful Princess Leia by wearing one of these costumes for Halloween.

Sexy Princess Leia Adult Costume:

She’s a secret leader of the Rebel Alliance and a hot princess! This sexy costume includes the shimmering white dress with a long skirt. The skirt has two slits at each thigh going all the way down. Also included is a silver Star Wars belt and the famous Leia buns wig. You Must buy the white cha-cha boots to finish the costume!

Star Wars Secret Wishes Princess Leia Costume

Invite your date to dress as Han Solo for a Star Wars themed couples costume!

Available in X-Small, Small and Medium Adult Sizes

Princess Leia Slave Adult Costume:

She’s a slave just for you! Ignite his senses in this sensual costume! A rubber molded bra form in gold accentuates a teal bra top beneath, while the matching gold loin belt is embellished by a draping eggplant bikini bottom. A sexy slave-style choker necklace and golden hair combs are included in the costume. A coordinating arm band is also included in this scintillating space siren’s seductive ensemble. Pick up the coordinating shoes and earrings get the full look of the costume!

Available in X-Small, Small, and Medium Adult Sizes.

Princess Leia Deluxe Adult Costume:

Become the adopted daughter of Baai Organa and leader of the Rebel Alliance, Princess Leia! This darling deluxe costume includes the long white dress, and a white belt with silver decorations. Also included are the white boot tops and signature Leia style wig featuring two attached buns. Be sure to check out the white pump shoes to include in your costume.

Available in Adult Standard Size: One Size Fits Most!

Princess Leia Adult Plus Size Costume:

Wear this costume and you will be sure to catch Han Solo’s eye but be sleek enough to keep away from the Storm Troopers. This costume works for all the sides of Princess Leia! This costume includes a long white dress with two slits up the front. It also includes a Princess Leia style wig featuring two attached buns. The white and silver belt finish out the costume. Pick up the Cha-Cha White Boots to wear with the costume.

Available in Adult Plus Size: One size Fits Most Adults

Princess Leia Fleece Infant/Toddler Costume:

Isn’t this pint-sized Princess Leia just precious? Wouldn’t your little one look just adorable in this costume? She is ready to defend her planet and take on the evils of the galaxy…well almost! This precious costume includes a character headpiece and a white robe with an attached white and silver belt. It is a quality costume made of a plush, thick, soft fleece fabric for comfort and warmth.

Available in Infant and Toddler Sizes

Princess Leia Child Costume:

Lead the Rebel Alliance to victory in our Princess Leia outfit This cute costume comes with a white dress, white and silver belt, and the infamous, Leia style wig featuring two beautiful buns. Be sure to buy the white ballerina shoes and the Darth Vader Pail to go trick-or-treating with!

Available in Small, Medium and Large Child Sizes

Princess Leia Dog Costume:

Now your biggest fan can be a Star Wars fan too! Let your dog dress up as Princess Leia just like you! He’ll be a huge hit on Halloween night! This costume includes a Princess Leia character headpiece/wig and a jumpsuit with attached arms.

Available in Pet Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.